BOBBY HATFIELD (Aug. 10, 1940 – Nov. 5, 2003) left Bill Medley as a solo act after the Righteous Brothers singer’s death at 63 years old. The hit ’60s act had reunited after the 1990 film “Ghost” brought their classic “Unchained Melody” back to the top of the pop charts. A concert in Kalamazoo, Mich., was canceled after his body was found in his hotel room, with a toxicology report concluding that a cocaine overdose had strained his already-weakened heart. GLENN QUINN (May 28, 1970 – Dec. 3, 2002) was quickly flagged as a rising star when he joined “Roseanne” as the husband of TV daughter Becky Conner. Quinn then co-starred with David Boreanaz on the hit supernatural drama “Angel” — but his character was soon killed off as insiders reported he’d become unreliable. The 32-year-old star was crashing on a friend’s couch when he was found dead from a heroin overdose.

She is one of the most controversial and famous drug addicts, but she is also a person who has undergone involuntary psychiatric evaluations, and medication and has been placed under conservatorship. This is a list of celebrities who died from their addiction to alcohol. While we may be more accustomed to celebrities dying to heroin and other drugs, many have died due to an addiction to alcohol.

All the Celebrities Who Have Struggled With Drug or Alcohol Addiction

The troubled performer was struggling after she left the WWE, though. The built beauty went from a Playboy photo shoot to a career in hardcore pornography. She was found dead from mixing alcohol and prescription drugs — having starred in her final adult films as The She-Hulk in porn parodies of comic-book movies. At Rosglas Recovery, we have specialized dual diagnosis therapy programs with an integrated approach to treat both conditions simultaneously. As many celebrities in recovery and successful people who have overcome drug addiction will tell you, getting treatment for both disorders is critical to lasting recovery.

Eventually, he realized that not only was he turning into a burden for the people he cared about but that he was also transforming into someone he no longer recognized. Today the world’s most popular wizard (sorry Gandalf) is a new man after finally seeking help. The drive to drink is still there, but now he funnels that same energy into exercise. And judging by Radcliffe’s successful recovery, it looks like this spell just may have worked. Tragically, the world has lost many actors, rock stars and other celebrities due to drug-related overdoses. The list includes the great Elvis Presley, the legendary Prince, and the iconic Marilyn Monroe.

Rob Lowe – Alcohol

From what we’ve seen and heard during the Depp v. Heard trial, celebrities and drugs can and do wreak havoc. And even though Mr. Depp has not been officially classified as a drug addict, it’s obvious he has a particular preference for drugs. She said she lost 22 pounds since starting a new “wellness regime” of peptides, hormone-replacement pellets, and a GLP-1, and now takes the weight loss drug to maintain her current weight.

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